Short Biography

Richard Beal lives and works in Lamy, New Mexico near Santa Fe. He is the owner of the highly successful internet store Beal’s Cowboy Buckles™ ( which offers hundreds of unique authentic western buckles. Richard also is a writer and a cowboy who loves working with horses and cattle.  Beal enjoys writing and sharing about different aspects of the western cowboy lifestyle, blog subjects include horses, cattle, cowboy gear, ranches, cowboy skills, western events, occasional folklore, people of interest – and anything else that helps describe how cowboys live and work.

Richard says “The western ranching lifestyle that cowboys enjoyed for generations is slowly disappearing. Small and medium size ranches are decreasing in numbers as large corporate style operations expand. It is important to document and help people understand the unique skills and lifestyle that cowboys have developed so that we can preserve the western traditions that have defined America. There is a great deal of interest in things western and I hope to help keep the west alive.”

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