Hunewill Ranch

By April 16, 2009Ranches

Hunewill Ranch

One of my favorite places is a 4,600 acre ranch owned by the Hunewill Land and Cattle Company in Bridgeport, California. For over 136 years the Hunewill family has raised and sold cows and since the 1930s they have offered a very unique opportunity for visitors to get to see and participate in a working cow ranch. Sadly, working cow ranches are rapidly disappearing as a way of life so spending time there is something to be valued. I go at least once a year and for the past 9 years have participated in their annual November week long cattle drive.

Andrew Beal gathering cattleThe Hunewill family provides nice facilities for visitors and a wonderful warm family experience. It’s one of the few guest ranches were you can do open meadow rides at a lope (no nose to tail riding at this ranch). And you get to ride in some of the most beautiful scenery in California. They especially honor traditional ways of doing ranching and, for example, only work their cattle on horseback. It really is a special place.

Hunewill Ranch CabinsFor more information check out the Hunewill Guest Ranch. Betsy Hunewill Elliott is the guest manager.

(that’s my son Andrew gathering cows in Buckeye Canyon in the middle picture)